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Four Pillars Of A Flawless Resume

Jan. 31, 2018 / Annabelle Brassaya

If you’re a fresh grad, writing your first resume after college can be challenging. Your resume needs to stand up and do its job — which is to find you your first ideal job. How do you work it out, though? You put your credentials into your CV to get noticed and inform potential employers of your outstanding qualities. But how do you write a flawless resume exactly? Start with these simple hacks.


Be a minimalist


The greatest advice for putting together the content of your resume: keep it short and sweet. Edit out qualifications and details that are irrelevant to the job you’re applying for. You’ll find that editing your text down to fill just one page can be tricky, but it’s well worth it—you’ll appear concise, organized and you’ll also be highlighting only the most important, and best, information about yourself. This is going to make your resume easy to critique.


A classic resume is all about keeping your information clean and readable. Find the basic resume template that suits your job hunting needs by browsing the world wide web.


Uniqueness is a must


Remember that the purpose of a resume is not only to show off your abilities, experience, and the value that you can bring to the institution, but your competitiveness as well.


Producing an aesthetically appealing resume is a great way to stand out from the rest of the pool, most resumes follow a precise structure, using colors, and restructuring the no-nonsense structure of the traditional resume is something to explore during a resume makeover.


Simply put, your resume must be visually appealing enough to catch the eye of the recruiter, or risk being thrown into the junk pile after those six seconds. To be sure, its design doesn’t have to award-winning, but black and white in a Microsoft Word document just won’t cut it.


Check for grammatical errors


 60% of resumes submitted to recruiters contain a typo or grammatical mistake - does yours?


 A resume with proper grammar and no spelling errors is essential in a job search. Of all the reasons causing recruiters and hiring managers to shoot down resumes, carelessness with spelling is just embarrassing.


Make sure every word is spelled correctly. One little grammatical or spelling error, and your resume is out the door. It’s not enough to just hit the spell-check button on your word processor; read the whole document, make it perfect on the screen, and then print it and read it again.


Avoid embarrassing typos and insulting grammar errors in your professional communications. It can have a big impact on your career.


Being active in social media is an advantage


Using a larger platform, like a blog, Facebook, or even Twitter, to provide solutions in your industry is a great way to market yourself as an expert in your industry. In order to build a powerful brand, understand what personal branding is, and learn from those who have mastered the skill.


Hope this piece motivated you to prepare yourself in the jungle where dreams are made of.